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No Child Lost.

No child lost to a preventable medical emergency.

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The Little Lungs mission is to facilitate the most accessible, innovative, and high-quality safety education that nurtures safety consciousness through all stages of life.

No child lost to a preventable medical emergency.

No Child Lost.

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Our founders and long-term friends Rachel Casswell and Paige Maenhout were on a hunt for meaningful and flexible work as new mothers in 2017. Entrepreneurship, limited options for mothers looking for a balance of a flexible schedule and impactful work, a demand for more accessible First Aid training, and their background in Safety training lead them to incorporating Little Lungs First Aid in 2017.

Since our launch in 2017 we’ve organized a team of Red Cross instructors, Health Care Professionals, Early Childhood Educators, Lamaze Instructors, and Child Passenger Safety Technicians to build a community of proactive parents and caregivers. 

We have training options in Alberta and Winnipeg with a reach all over Canada thanks to online and on-site training. We specialize in Red Cross First Aid and CPR certifications, Car Seat Safety, First Aid and CPR training, condensed workshops, and innovative online learning.


Anna Cairo

The class covered all of our questions and concerns and we feel very comfortable with the material. We hope to never have to use these skills but in the case that we do, we feel confident in doing so.

Rachel was so friendly and made the hour fun and very informative. I would highly recommend anyone to take this course!

Jarett   H

My wife and I took the course before the arrival of our little girl, it was perfectly laid out and efficient with plenty of practice time. I've taken several multi-day courses through work and feel that this course prepared me for infant/child First Aid as well as any. Paige is a friendly and knowledgeable instructor, we will definitely use Little Lungs First Aid for refresher training in the future.


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