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Baby + Child CPR & Choking 

Online Workshop

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CPR & Choking skills for 0 - 8 years old

Fact Sheets with course overview to print/save

2 hour online course 

Practical, Hands-on & Easy to Follow

For parents, caregivers, grandparents, siblings, and everyone with a little one in their life!

$75  SALE - $37.50 / person 

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Car Seat + Booster Safety Workshop?

Car Seat + Booster Safety Workshop

Little Lungs First Aid is now offering our Baby + Child CPR & Choking Workshop Online!

Our online CPR and Choking workshop includes everything that participants learn in our in-person workshop with even more background information and prevention strategies!

The scary reality is that breathing emergencies like choking are one of the leading causes of injury-related deaths in Canada for children. 

Plus, children who survive a breathing injury run the possibility of suffering damage to the brain if they go a long period of time without oxygen. 

But having a caretaker that knows CPR and choking first aid can make all the difference in a little one’s life. 

Our virtual course is designed by certified Red Cross First Aid instructors. Through demonstration videos, in-depth explanations, fun activities and quizzes, you will learn easy to follow, hands on, practical, and necessary knowledge and skills needed that can prepare you for the worst and minimize harm. 

The COVID-19 outbreak is an especially important time for parents and caregivers to prevent and prepare for medical emergencies. Children are out of school and daycare and spending more time at home. Preventing and being prepared for medical emergencies, like a choking emergency, is more important than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Children are usually in school or daycare where staff are trained in First Aid but now children are spending more time at home so it is important that you can give them the proper first aid if they ever need it. 


We wouldn’t send our children to a school or daycare without staff trained in First Aid. Parents and all caregivers also need to be prepared and educated. 


Our Infant and Child CPR + Choking First Aid course prepares parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, guardians, and caregivers, for the worst, and gives you the best strategies and skills needed for an emergency in just 2 hours!

After successfully completing the course, participants will be able to discuss course material with the instructors. 

Participants can request a Certificate of Completion and will have lifetime access to the workshop.

The science behind First Aid is constantly evolving, so make it a habit to get your certificate every year to make sure you have the most up-to-date information to keep children and infants safe. 

Register today!

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  • CPR & Choking Fact Sheets PDF:
    print or save an overview of all the skills covered.

  • Certificate of Completion (upon request)
    We recommend annual renewal because the science behind First Aid is constantly evolving!


  • Lifetime Access to the workshop

What you Need!

  • Teddy Bear or Doll to practice skills with us!

  • ​​Phone, tablet, or computer to access the workshop

  • A stable internet connection

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