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No Child Lost.

No child lost to a preventable medical emergency.

60 minutes of training
that can save your child’s life!

Data supports that just 50 minutes, once a year, of hands-on First Aid & CPR training is extremely effective! Everyone has 1 hour! Whether you need a refresher or it’s your first time taking a First Aid and CPR course we are here to help you feel confident!

Who should join the Baby + Child CPR & Choking Workshop?

New & Expecting Parents (make sure Dad comes too!)

If you’re introducing solid food to a baby

If you’re baby led weaning

Grandparents who have not taken First Aid or CPR training in a while

First Aiders who need a refresher on child and baby skills

Older siblings, babysitters, nannies, and ANYONE you trust your child with!

"My son choked today... I was able to save him. I can't imagine not having the knowledge that I gained from your class!"

- Leanne           

Book a private in-home
Baby + Child CPR & Choking Workshop

With long wait times for ambulances and crowded hospitals it’s more important than ever to know how to prevent and react effectively to emergencies with our children.


From parents to grandparents, babysitters to nannies, EVERYONE who cares for your child must know how to act quickly if a choking or breathing emergency happens! 


For the first time ever you can practice hands-on First Aid and CPR with the experts without committing to a long, expensive, or boring course.


The Little Lungs workshop focuses specifically on child and baby skills.


Welcoming a new baby to the family or about to introduce solid foods? Now is the best time to attend!

Our vision is: No Child Lost.
No family should have to suffer the pain of losing a child to a preventable medical emergency.


Little Lungs instructors are nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapists, first aid instructors and experts in child safety!


We know how important and life-saving it is to be trained on the basics.

Take this opportunity to learn from and practice with the experts!


Our learner-centered and hands-on approach to First Aid and CPR training is proven to be the most effective way of learning!

Our mission is to facilitate the most  

Accessible, Affordable & Convenient 

safety education that nurtures safety consciousness
through all stages of life

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@ Babies "R" Us


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