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Happy Family

Online Baby & Child

CPR + Choking Workshop

Confidence saves lives. 

Learn the Skills that can Save a Child's Life 

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Happy Family

"My son choked today... I was able to save him. I can't imagine not having the knowledge that I gained from your class!"


                                                                       - Leanne 

Harsh Realities to Consider



Baby + Child CPR & Choking Workshop (4).

If CPR is performed within the first few minutes of cardiac arrest, it can double or even triple a person's chance of survival.

Reasons You'll Love our Workshop 



Copy of Baby + Child CPR & Choking Works

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Baby + Child Safety Bundle

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This bundle includes our 5* Baby + Child CPR & Choking workshop & our Car Seat + Booster Safety workshop. You will learn life saving skills and best practices to prevent and prepare for emergencies with your little one(s). 

Our Red Cross-certified founders and long-term friends Rachel Casswell and Paige Maenhout became new mothers in 2017 and used their extensive safety training background to specialize in developing innovative learning experiences to give parents and caregivers the right tools to protect and save children in emergency situations.

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“Our little ones mean EVERYTHING to us, that’s why we designed this Baby + Child CPR & Choking Online Workshop. We know the level of training and care that new and expecting parents absolutely need to know. 

First Aid & CPR training isn't always easy for parents and caregivers with little ones at home to attend. We created this workshop to make First Aid & CPR training more accessible and focused on child & baby skills. You learn what we teach in a certified course in a more affordable way, without as much of a time commitment, and without having to leave your home.

Our workshop includes practical video demonstrations, in-depth explanations, fun learning activities, and quizzes to make learning the information enjoyable, but more importantly: to give you confidence that you can protect your child.


We stand for expecting parents and everyone with a child or baby in their lives to take this course and equip yourself with CPR and choking training to react to all scary situations swiftly and effectively! It only takes a quick moment for your little one to put something harmful into their mouth, like lids, batteries, coins or any common household items.


This is the recommended course for parents to take before their baby begins solid foods so it can be a fun instead of a nerve-racking experience.


You will come out of our online workshop with the ability to prevent, prepare for, and react effectively to medical emergencies at home. First Aid can and does save lives. Come learn with us!”


1. What if I don’t have enough time?

Solution: We’re asking for just 2 hours. You get to pick when and where and you can come back to it as many times as you wish. You'll have access to the course for 1 year.

2. What if it’s overwhelming and challenging?

Solution: Our workshop is practical, hands-on, and easy to follow along. We’ve helped over 5000 parents and caregivers—so you can do it, too! 


3. What if I can’t afford It?

Solution: $75... SALE! $37.50 per registrant. Cost shouldn’t come between safety and your little one, so we’ve reduced our course registration fee to make it available for everyone! Think of it this way: after your course completion, you will have made an investment in emergency preparedness. If the time comes when you need to use the skills it will be the best investment you ever made.


4. What if COVID-19 is still a huge concern?

Solution: It’s COMPLETELY online and you can comfortably learn from home! If there was ever a time to avoid putting more strain on our healthcare system by preparing for and preventing emergencies it's now!

For any immediate questions, click here for our contact information or click the chat box at the bottom right of your screen to get all the answers and support you need.

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Final Thoughts

Parenthood is unpredictable, and though we truly hope your child never suffers a medical emergency, if disaster does strike, we want you to be ready to react.


If your child can't breathe that is not the time to learn First Aid & CPR. We want you to be Proactive about keeping your little one(s) safe. First Aid & Safety training are essential skills that everyone with a little one in their life should learn.


You’ve already come this far. There’s a reason you found our Little Lungs Baby + Child CPR & Choking Online Workshop. Trust those instincts!


Think of it this way: We’re only asking for TWO hours of your time to give you a lifetime with your child.


Book now and you can thank us later!

What's Included

  • CPR & Choking Fact Sheets PDF:
    print or save an overview of all the skills covered.

  • Certificate of Completion: valid 1 year
    We recommend annual renewal because the science behind First Aid is constantly evolving!


  • 1 Year of access to the workshop

What you Need!

  • Teddy Bear or Doll to practice skills with us!

  • ​​Phone, tablet, or computer to access the workshop

  • Internet connection

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