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Got a question?

  • Who should take the Little Lungs workshop?
    Everyone who has a little one in their care should be educated in First Aid. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, babysitter, nanny, or friend everyone who has a child in their care for any period of time should know how to save the child’s life in case of an emergency.
  • Should I take the workshop before or after having my baby?
    It is completely up to you. We recommend that you take the training before your little one arrives. This way, you can step into parenthood confident and prepared to keep your child safe.
  • Can I bring my baby to the workshop?
    You certainly can! We recommend that you bring a partner with you so you can take turns watching the baby while each of you practice the skills. If you cannot find a partner, our instructors are happy to help when they can! If possible, seek out a sitter for your baby so you can soak up as much of the life-saving information as possible.
  • Can I breastfeed during the workshop?
    Of course!
  • Do I get a certificate after taking the workshop?
    All Proactive Parents will receive a certificate of completion upon successful completion of the Little Lungs workshop.
  • What age group does the training in the workshop include?
    The Little Lungs workshop is designed to include First Aid skills for children ages 0-8. Check out our courses for First Aid education that includes skills for all ages.
  • Do you offer private sessions?
    Yes! Little Lungs First Aid offers our premium in-home workshop for a minimum of 4 participants. We send one of our qualified educators to your home for the workshop while you stay put where you are. Stay in your PJ’s if you want - we won’t judge.
  • My house won't work for a private session. Can you hold one for us?
    Yes we are able to host private sessions at one of our locations. If you have any more questions please email us at to set something up!
  • I'm ready to become a Proactive Parent! When is your next workshop?
    Yay! That's what we like to hear. You can check out our upcoming group workshops by heading to the 'book' section of our menu. Please email us at to book a private workshop.
  • Should I bring anything to the workshop?
    Just yourself and an eagerness to learn!
  • What should I wear?
    Something comfy! Dress so that you can comfortably get down on your hands and knees to practice CPR with us.
  • I like you guys! Can we partner?
    We are always on the hunt for partnership opportunities with like-minded companies! For partnership enquiries please email
  • Is Little Lungs First Aid a Registered Training Partner?
    We’re so glad you asked! Little Lungs First Aid is proud to be partnered with the Canadian Red Cross via our sister company Confident Consulting First Aid Training. Little Lungs workshops are delivered in a non-accredited format to ensure parents and caregivers have access to First Aid education in a more cost effective and less time consuming way. All of our “courses” are Canadian Red Cross certified.
  • Our workplace needs training - can you help us out?
    We're glad you asked! Our sister company Confident Consulting First Aid Training specialises in premium, on-site training for workplaces. Please head to for more information and to book.
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