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Online Car Seat &

Booster Safety Workshop

Best Practices Save Lives. 

Car Seat Safety isn't a

parenting style, it's science based

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"I was making mistakes that I didn't even know I was making! This workshop answered my questions and ones I didn't even know I had! Time well spent."


                                                                         - Shannon

Did You Know...

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Motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of death in Canadian Children 

3-out-of-4 car seats are not installed properly. But…

A properly installed & used car seat can reduce the risk of injury or even death by up to  71%



Reasons You'll Love our Workshop 

Copy of Baby + Child CPR & Choking Works

Have you heard of our 5-Star 

Baby + Child CPR & Choking Workshop?

Baby + Child Safety Bundle

$59.99 - SAVE  20%

This bundle includes our 5* Baby + Child CPR & Choking workshop & our Car Seat + Booster Safety workshop. You will learn life saving skills and best practices to prevent and prepare for emergencies with your little one(s). 

Our Red Cross-certified founders and long-term friends Rachel Casswell and Paige Maenhout became new mothers in 2017 and used their extensive safety training background to specialize in developing innovative learning experiences to give parents and caregivers the right education to properly install and use a car seat…Every. Single. Time!

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“We worked hard to create a comprehensive Car Seat Course like no other. We wanted this course to give parents and caregivers confidence with child-passenger safety through every stage of their little ones' lives. There are SO many questions around car seats and boosters, a lot of us make mistakes, and it can feel overwhelming to find credible information. Our workshop allows for everyone to meet with a CPST and learn the proven safest ways to keep our children safe in the vehicle."


Before becoming a CPST, Rachel did extensive research on car seats and car seat safety for her own baby. CPST training and car seat clinics opened her eyes to how much there really is to know... and how many mistakes parents are making!

But, with some guidance we believe everyone can purchase the right seat, choose the right mode, install it properly, and keep their little one safe in the vehicle…Every. Single. Time!


Car seat safety is not a parenting style, it is science-based. You can come here for the facts and we will walk you through each step.


This workshop is for everyone who drives with a child in the car. This is a great tool to refresh grandparents on current best practices and get them on board with car seat safety. Your babysitter, nanny, partner, etc should all take this course. Maybe you're expecting a baby, wondering if it's time to switch to a new stage, need some help picking out the right seat, or need some help with a proper install, we’ve purposefully designed this workshop for you!


1. What if I don’t have enough time?

Solution: We’re asking for just 2 hours. You get to pick when and where and you can come back to it as many times as you wish. You'll have access to the course for 12 months.

2. What if it’s overwhelming and challenging?

Solution: Our workshop is practical, hands-on, and easy to follow. We even provide our course Fact Sheets with lesson overviews to keep for quick future reference!


3. What if I can’t afford It?

Solution: $75 -> SALE! $37.50 per registrant. Cost shouldn’t come between safety and your little one, so we’ve reduced our course registration fee to make it available for everyone! Using and installing your child's car seat properly can be the difference between life and death in a crash. This is an investment you'll never regret.


4. What if COVID-19 is still a huge concern?

Solution: It’s 100% online and you can comfortably learn from home!

4. Will this help me choose the safest car seat?

Solution: Newest Car Seat & Booster Seat Comparisons included! Choose the right fit for your family

For any immediate questions, click here for our contact information or click the chat box at the bottom right of your screen to get all the answers and support you need.

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Bundle our Workshops for even MORE savings! 

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Final Thoughts

We're on a mission to get all caregivers on board with child passenger safety. Best practices save lives, the minimum requirement by law is not enough.


Maybe you're struggling with getting a family member onboard with car seat safety or maybe you're looking to learn more for yourself. This workshop is for everyone: parents, grandparents, babysitters, and everyone in between.


No one gets in their vehicle expecting to crash that day. Proper use and installation of your child's car seat could be the difference between life or death, severe or minor injury. Be proactive and secure their future. Learning car seat safety should be as essential to parents as learning how to change a diaper.


You’ve already come this far. There’s a reason you found our Little Lungs Car Seat & Booster Seat Safety Online Course. Trust those instincts!


Think of it this way: We’re only asking for 2 hours of your time to give you a lifetime with your child.

What's Included

  • 5 Stages — Car Seat Safety Fact Sheets PDF. 

    • Print or save an overview of all the information covered.

  • Certificate of Completion: valid 12 months

    • ​We recommend annual renewal because the science behind Child passenger safety is constantly evolving.


  • 12-month access to the workshop

What you Need!

  • ​​Phone, tablet, or computer to access the workshop

  • Internet connection

  • That's it!

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