Virtual Youth Courses

Available Now! 

The COVID-19 outbreak is an especially important time to prevent and prepare for medical emergencies at home. Children are out of school and daycare and spending more time at home than ever! 

We are all looking for ways to navigate COVID-19 and find a new norm. As parents, we are challenged with trying to find a healthy balance for our children and ourselves. 


Parents have been tasked with the role of parent, teacher, housekeeper, chef, and more while managing our families, work, and the stress of a pandemic. It can be overwhelming.


We would like to take some weight off your shoulders and help your kids learn new skills and responsibilities while school is out. We do all the teaching!


The Little Lungs Red Cross Certified Youth courses are designed so that children can learn with us without adding more to their parents' already busy task list.


Our expert First Aid instructors will teach your children how to manage new responsibilities, become more independent, administer First Aid, care for children of all ages (babysitting course), and create safe environments for everyone. 




  • Great use of your children's time while social distancing

  • We do all the teaching!

  • A productive way to occupy your children

  • Kids learn responsibility and how to care for themselves and others

  • Some time to yourself!

  • Red Cross Certification

  • Kids can stay home safe and take care of younger children

  • Kids learn a TON of First Aid skills

Virtual Course


Prerequisite Age 11 to 15 

$65+gst per child

Canadian Red Cross

Babyitting Certification

3 Part Course - 2 Hour Virtual Sessions

Practical, Hands-on, Easy to follow

Emphasis on First Aid skills (more comprehensive than other babysitter courses!)

Virtual Course

Stay Safe!

Prerequisite Age 9 to 13 

$65+gst per child 

Canadian Red Cross

Stay Safe! Certification

2 Day Virtual Course: 2 hours each day

Practical, Hands-on, Easy to follow

Emphasis on First Aid skills (more comprehensive than other home alone courses!)