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Virtual Course
  • Prerequisite Age 11 to 15 

  • $65+gst per child

  • Canadian Red Cross  Babysitting Certification

  • 2 Part Course - 2.5 Hour Virtual Sessions

  • Practical, Hands-on, Easy to follow

  • Emphasis on First Aid skills

     (more comprehensive than other babysitter courses!)

Baysitting Course

Babysitting Course

Virtual Classroom

The babysitter course is offered in a virtual classroom! Participants login from the comfort of their own home using Zoom.


Our certified Red Cross instructors demonstrate, share slides, and facilitate learning activities among participants. Each participant will finish this course with the confidence and skills needed to be an outstanding babysitter.​



The Babysitting course refreshed and revised, now has a greater emphasis on First Aid skills. The Canadian Red Cross Babysitting course covers everything from managing difficult behaviours to essential content on leadership and professional conduct as a babysitter. 


Babysitting promises to deepen and enhance the responsibility that older youth feel when caring for younger children. This updated curriculum, complete with new science, also provides improved learning when it comes to giving the appropriate care in the event of an emergency.


  • First Aid Content:

    • Check, Call, Care (includes phoning EMS/911) 

    • Glove removal

    • Recovery position

    • Conscious choking (adult/child/baby/alone) 

    • CPR (baby/child) 

    • Illness 

    • Asthma (includes the use of inhaler and spacer) 

    • Anaphylaxis (includes the use of EpiPen) 

    • Poisoning 

    • Insect stings 

    • Wound care

      • Minor cuts and scrapes 

      • Splinters 

      • Nosebleeds 

      • Bumps & bruises

      • Life-threatening bleeding,

      • Burns

    • head, neck and back injuries 

    • Broken bones

    • Seizures​


Course Details 

  • 2x 2.5-hour virtual classroom sessions (3 separate days)

  • Canadian participants 

  • PDF of Babysitting Course Manual 


What you Need

  • A device, such as a phone or a laptop

  • A good internet connection 

  • Zoom app required (free download)

  • A teddy bear or doll (yes, we still be doing practical activities like CPR and choking first aid throughout the course)

Ontario Virtual Babysitting Courses

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