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Certified childbirth education courses

Birth with confidence is a labor and birth preparation course to help mothers and their families prepare for the journey that is labor, birth and beyond. Our classes are designed specifically to increase mom's confidence in her ability to birth without fear.

Our certified childbirth educator is a mother of two. Although she feels her pregnancies were exactly the same, her births couldn't have been more different. She believes that the improvement of her birth experience with her second daughter was because of her thirst for knowledge about the natural process of birth and the power that her own mind possessed. She now hopes to inspire expectant mothers to seek the knowledge that will turn their fears into power and enable them to have a positive birth experience. 

Every birth experience is unique, and every birth experience matters. Our goal isn't to tell you how to give birth. It's to teach you how to make informed decisions, know your options, and above all, have confidence in yourself, all to increase your chances of a positive birth experience. 

"No one gives us courage... rather than giving us courage, they help us to remember the courage we already have and inspire us to act on it."
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